Photograph: Charles Osgood


Would you like to help support the Haymarket Opera Company? To make our productions exciting and to live up to our artistic mission, we need your financial support. Please consider making a generous, tax-deductible gift to HOC. Contact us directly by phone or email or just send your contribution to:

The Haymarket Opera Company
1920 North Seminary Ave. 1F
Chicago, IL 60614

If you have questions about donating, please contact Craig, at

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Corporate, Foundation, and Government Supporters

The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation Grant
The Paul M. Angell Foundation
The Saints
The CityArts grant from the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
The Pauls Foundation
Robert R. McCormick Foundation
Starshak Winzenburg & Co.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Institute for the Study of Somatic Education
Hewlett-Packard Company


$5,000 +

Sarah Harding and Mark Ouweleen
Susan and Richard Jamerson
David Rice

$1,000 - $4,999

M. Scott Anderson
Lynn Donaldson and Cameron Avery
Susan and George Fee
Mark Ferguson and Elizabeth Yntema
Jerry and Pat Fuller
Suzanne and John Garvin
Bryan Gore
David and Beth Hart
Lynne and Ralph Schatz in honor of Susan and Richard Jamerson
Marjorie Stinespring
Astrida and Steven Tantillo
Sandra Timmons
Rupert and Mary Ward
Jeri-Lou Zike and James Friedkin

$500 - $999

John Canning
Anthony Green
Sarah Hagge and James Klock
Anne Harrington Heider and Stephen Warner
Sue Imrem
Susan and Stuart Kaufman
Mary Mackay and Edward Wheatley
Virginia Robinson and Emile Karafiol
Nancy Schmitt
Jan Silverstein
Dawn K. Stiers
Judy and Larry Trompeter
Tom Welle and Diane White
Janet Wolter Grip, M. D.

$250 - $499

Carolyn and Richard Brooks
Debbie Crimmins
Sonia V. Csaszar
Marty and Julia Davids
Amanda Enyeart and Mitchell Duval
James and Donna Fackenthal
James Glazier
Barbara L. Hermann
Claire Hill
Donald Jones
Cheryl Kryshak
Jeanne Laduke
Kurt and Marsha Link
Jane B. Meranus
Elizabeth Parker and Peter Gutowski
Sara Pearsey in honor of Judy and Larry Trompeter
Amy Ripepi and Garry Grasinski
Craig Trompeter
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Vieregg

$100 - $249

Elisa Amoroso
Elizabeth Anderson
Neal Ball
Mary Anne Ballard and Alexander Blachly
Cynthia Barnard
Laurie Bederow
Mary Billington and Stephen Mannasmith
James Brown
William Buchman
Cynthia Cheski
Mary A. Claps and Maureen Claps
Nan and Richard Conser
Anne Cook and Charles Pratt
Caroline P. Cracraft
Ann Davis
Anna Dennis and Karen Wiebe
David Easterbrook and Richard Bough
Teri Edelstein and Neil Harris
Laura A. Emerick
Dan and Karen Fox
Janet Franz and Bill Swislow
Marjorie and Harvey Freed
Robin Gaston
James Genden and Alma Koppedraijer
Ethel Gofen
Patricia Gollhardt Jones and Neil Gollhardt
Allen Greenberger
Sue and Paul Habiger
Tim Hackett and Jim Konold
Liz and Mark Hagen
Joseph Hanc
Ted and Debra Hatmaker
Robert S. Hauser
Naomi O. Hildner
Karen Jared
Neil King
Kathryn Kniffen and David E. Downen
Alma Kuby
Axel Kunzmann and Bruce Nelson
Dr. Marina Kuznetsov and Andrey Kuznetsov
Anne Ladky and Karen Fishman
Sue Lannin and Albert Ettinger
Tim Lyon and Sharon Nelson
Susan Matthews and Mark Pascale
Chris Mayer
David Mayernik
Thomas B. McNeill
Donna Milanovich
Maria Mills Barker
Judith and Bob Moss
Ann Murray
Gladys M. Nutt and James T. Nutt
Laura and Michael Olsavsky
John and Lois Palen
Joan Panepinto
Jay and Cheryl Peterson
Herbert Quelle and Corinna Niestrath-Quelle
Ken and Linda Rasinski
Anita and Bob Rieder
Justin Roberts
Sylvie Romanowski
Jesse Rosenberg and Alessandra Visconti
Sue Ross
Jennifer Roy and Dave Moss
Joan Safford
Larry and Marge Sondler
Kathy and Jim Sullivan
Bruce Tammen and Esther Menn
Fred and Cheryl Thompson
Brian and Erin Trompeter
Russell H. and Marlene B. Tuttle
Babs Waldman and Avi Shaked
Catherine Weingart-Ryan
Hilda Williams
Iris Witkowsky
Steven and Toni Wolf
Jessica and Michael Young

$50 - $99

Rachel Barton Pine
Dayna Bateman and Warren Vik
Marjorie Benson
Mary Boylan and Dennis Spearman
Dan De Lorenzo
Michael Firman and Marilyn Schweitzer
Dedre Gentner
Barbara Haffner
Richard Hoskins
Jean and Steven Huxmann
Susan Irion
Barbara and Michael Leopold
David Morris
Robert and Otilia Osterlund
Larry Pinto and Maria Udo
Lauren and Daniel Rossen
Angela and Pete Smucker
Lindsay and Michael Strand
David and Anne Umlauf


Harvard Publications in Music
Goethe-Institut Chicago
Zuleyka Benitez, set construction
Michael Darnton
Elizabeth Davenport
Douglas Goddard, Gamma: The Imaging Company
Garry Grasinski, Grayson Media, Inc.
Susan and Richard Jamerson, set, prop, and costume storage
Donald Jones, set construction, transportation
Kat Krzynowek, Mayne Stage
John Lee, website, administration, set construction, props
Elliot Mandel, photography
Dave Moss
Robert Moss, set construction
Bernadette Murray, logo design

Paul Nicholson
Charles Osgood, photography
Ken Perlow, set construction, crew
Larry Pinto, set construction
Ed Plamondon, WideEye Productions
Isabelle Rozendaal and Pascal Innocenti, guest housing
Eden Sabala
Tim Schoen, Mayne Stage
David Schrader, musical preparation
Katherine Shuldiner
Beverly Simmons ffortissimo design
Judith Trompeter, program editing
Alessandra Visconti, Italian language coach
Paula Wagner
Russell Wagner, set construction, instrument maintenance, props

Listed donations reflect contributions from January 1, 2014 to the present.